Room Prices

Room Sizes

Our rooms are varied and if you are unfamiliar with the building we recommend contacting us for more details  

Large Rooms

We have two larger rooms which give just that little more space. One also is fitted out with a smart-board and projector. If you are unfamiliar with the building please contact us for details.  

Function Room

This large space on the first floor makes an excellent concert or party location. Please contact us for further details  


Housed in our annexe building, the gym is ideal for some sports activities and training sessions. 

Childrens Parties

We have special rates for children's party bookings as this comes as a package deal with access to a kitchen and lounge area within the Annexe Building.

Music Room

Details to follow

Room Rates

All rooms are booked on an hour by hour basis - half hours may be booked after the first hour